SANPHAN product is world's first original natural tree wood-vinegar sap sheet. The product concept originally comes from not Western but Oriental Medicine. The manufacturing process has been patented as the proof of originator and the manufacturer has 19 years of business in Japan.

Use Case and Product Concept

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SANPHAN product is designed for foot care and hand care purpose of use. It draws out the unnecessary waste material from your body through sole or hand while sleeping in the night, unlike a general poultice penetrates into inside from outside. If you want to be healthy every day, think about it basically starts from caring of foot and hand better somehow. Because of the blood returns where at this end-point all day long over the entire life. Whenever you feel swelling or fatigue on your foot or hand, try to use it. For a person who workd hard used with foot or hand, a sport man or weman, a hiking people, an elderly person whom a basal metabolic rate decreases, a person who has poor circulation, a people who worked physically standing all day long, etc.

Product Overview

Excellent Made in Japan product that KING POWER specially offers to our customer, localize, and distribute in the shape of specially packaged as OEM product world-wide. Application is very simple and easy that takes only in seconds. Apply it before go to bed, get sleep, then you will be refreshing in the next morning.

This is 100% MADE IN JAPAN original product.

Be aware and careful of imitations !

Product example -1

Foot care 30 pcs.

Green tea extract

Box package

Product example -2

Hand care 2 pcs.

Chamomile scent

Plastic bag package

Easiest application, One-step easy to apply within seconds!

Footcare & Handcare 

SANPHAN natural tree SAP sheet draw out a waste material from your body through from sole or hand. It is recommended to use while sleeping in the night. You will feel refreshed in the next morning.

Handcare "SYURAKU" demo video

Hand care sheet "SYURAKU" means "hand comfortable" in Japanese. Around 4 hours later after you put it on a palm, you will see a waste material drawn out from your palm and feel refreshing. Foot care sheet was originally developed 19 years ago, then SYURAKU succeeded the same concept and feature. The practical usage and expected result is filmed in the demo video. New SYURAKU blended with new scent "Chamomile" has started shipping 2014. (Sorry for the video is in Japanese language. Hope you would understand better.)


22nd December 2014 – KING POWER GROUP met with SANPHAN who provide the excellent health care products to discuss to develop and promote their products worldwide. We have agreed to start marketing the products worldwide and the roles are  "Hanakoubou Sanphan Co., Ltd." As manufacture, "TERRYK CORPORATION" as general exclusive export agent for Sanphan, "KING POWER GROUP" as worldwide distribution agent. (Photo shows, Terry Kaneko, Owner of TERRYK CORPORATION; and Akira Kawase, President of Hanakoubou Sanphan Co., Ltd. ; Jesse King, CEO of KING POWER GROUP.)

Manufacturer Factory Tour

President Mr.Kawase welcomes Jesse King

Factory tour at packing and shipment section

Factory tour at stock room section

Discussed fundamental partnership at wrap up meeting

Satisfied by the complete factory tour


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