This is one of the greatest electronic product originally invented by a Japanese company.  Don't you have this equipment in your facility or home yet?  Here in Japan, there are so many peoples are using it every day.  Think about a situation in a toilet after you almost finished your daily work out there.

Are your top-secret important portion be really cleaned up?  The washing toilet should be able to help your much better life than no use.

  Once you get it, a plumber or you are able to install onto your regular toilet bench by hand.

See and refer if your toilet may applicable with the following brief information.  The product is basically designed for AC 100V power source, with the standard bench, and soft waters.  Each product has same fundamental function but may be different of additional features, so ask us.

Installation Examples

  It is similar in {calcium density (mg/L) *2.5 + magnesium density (mg/L) *4.1}, and the water hardness defines hardness 120 or less as soft water by the definition of WHO.

Referred from:


For Your Information

1. Before you make purchase order, make sure the product name with the manufacturer's WEB.

2. Be aware of product specification such as electrical spec., water piping, or physical dimension, etc.

3. The product may not be applicable by country or region due to water-type or quality been supplied.

4. Water type: "Soft water" is recommended, but "Hard water" is not recommended to use with a washing toilet. Because it may cause malfunction such as nozzle clogging up due to the too much calcium carbonate contained in the water.

5. Clarify the water type first which has been supplying in your facility or home.

    - Soft water: http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soft_water

    - Hard water: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_water


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